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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Concerned Veterans for America?

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is a non-partisan, non-profit grassroots organization that advocates for policies that preserve the freedom and prosperity that our veterans fought and sacrificed to defend.

What’s your mission?

Our mission is to translate the experience, concerns, and hopes unique to veterans and their families into a common vision of freedom. We apply this perspective to speak out on issues threatening to cripple not only our economic and national security, but the spirit of opportunity and liberty all Americans cherish. We are driven to organize and amplify our perspective to both the American people and our elected leaders.

What kind of VA reforms does CVA support?

We have made great strides in advancing good policy with the previous Congress, especially with regards to VA reform. CVA will continue to vigorously defend the progress we have made for veterans and ensure future reform legislation puts the veteran first rather than the VA bureaucracy. We also see new opportunities to advance critical reforms where we haven’t necessarily had the chance before.

In our 2020 Policy Agenda, we outline our priorities on our traditional issue sets as well as expanding our gaze into DoD reform and foreign policy. Read more and check out our 2020 Policy Agenda here.

How will My VA Story be used?

CVA will remove any identifying information and share select stories on our social media feeds and website. Behind the scenes, we’ll be aggregating all of the stories, identifying broad themes, and using it to inform the types of reforms we’re pushing for in Washington.

The VA is failing me. Can you help?

We’re listening. Each of your stories are being read and compiled. We’re looking for broad themes in the experience of veterans, and those themes will help inform the kind of reforms we fight for on your behalf.

If you’re in need of care urgently, we want to direct you to resources that can help you. An American Legion service officer can help you resolve your issues with the VA: find one near you.

How can I get involved at CVA? 

Get involved with CVA by volunteering with CVA, staying up to date on important issues with our Overwatch blog, or signing up to receive email updates.

And don’t forget to share your VA story today!