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Michael, Georgia

I hurt my hip and my shoulder in August. I have been to my doctor three times. He said all he can do is put me on a waiting list for MRI with pain meds for five days only. My appointment to see PT is Oct 31st. I am in pain now! Something has to change.

Frances, Georgia

I filed for disability in February 2016 and for VA disability later this year. I believe my records are being falsely recorded to deny both claims. I have been denied disability based on the records from the VA. I now have to wait a year to a year and 6 months to go...

Bill, Georgia

I have been trying to talk to the nurse for 5 months. I can’t get her to return my calls to even set up an appointment for a Shingles vaccination. She cancelled my appointment to do blood testing because she was going to be out of the office the day it was...