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I have been receiving medical care at my local VA since 2005. I have had several primary care doctors, all of which have given adequate care and some exceptional care, equal or better than I received from local medical professionals. On the average, I have been able to get appointments more quickly than I would have at my local medial facility. I have had 3 heart procedures at my VA with excellent results from above-average heart surgeons. My VA Doctors have diagnosed with several diseases that my former private Doctors did not test me for, and have gotten me in for appointments to see my primary doctor in some cases the next day after I called in the late afternoon.

Although I am over 60 miles from the VA Medical Centers I will not use the Choice program for two reasons. Number one, I prefer to stick with my VA providers and not see numerous other providers. Number two, I am concerned that since I have Medicare Part A and no other coverage, I may end up being charged for part of my care which I could not afford. I am 69 years old and a Veteran of the Vietnam War. Although I have been 100% disabled and retired since late in my 60th year (I got disability from Social Security and the State of MN, former state employee), I was turned down in 2005 for service connection because most of my problems are neurological, and I was stationed in Thailand.