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Two years ago, I got an appointment card from my VA Dr. When it was time to see him, I got call the number on the card and get “Robert.” [on the line]. He asked for name, SSN and why I need an appointment. I specifically tell him I need an appointment with Dr. “D” because of appointment card. He informs me I am Tricare and am not eligible to see a VA Dr. at all. Again, I tell him I have an appointment card request and I need to see Dr “D.” He tells me, “that’s not your Dr.’s name.” I tell him I’ve been seeing this Dr. for 5 years, and I want to continue to see him, and he has requested to see me. “Robert” repeats that Dr. “D” is he’s not my Dr. I then hang up – three strikes, he’s out. I send my card and a letter back to Dr. “D.” to inform him why I can’t make an appointment and ask him to call me – I’m still waiting. My carpal tunnel is getting worse and Tricare won’t help “because the problem was turned over to the VA.” So I can’t get to the VA, the Tricare Dr. won’t help, and the numbness in my left shoulder and arm is getting worse. This is how veterans are being treated!