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Some of us need to be heard… On July 10, 2014, my heart failed. Thank God I was taken to a civilian hospital. I was released with my discharge papers and scripts. My cardio surgeon told me I had less than 72 hours to get the medications. The next day I went to the my local VA. My team doctor wasn’t in. I was told there isn’t anything they could do about getting my meds. I came back the next morning, as my time was running out. I went to the pharmacy they told me they couldn’t do anything without the perscriptions. I told them I was living on borrowed time, as I was told I would die after 72 hours without my heart meds. Sadly I was pretty much asked to leave… No help rendered. I was taken to the hospital that night and technically died in the emergency room of the hospital that saved me the first time. The stint that I had was blocked because I was denied much needed health care. I had another 2 stints placed in my heart. After I was released again I went to the VA hospital for my meds. I had to go to the ER as no one knew what to do with my paperwork. They literally killed me, yet no one will take my case. Because of lack of oxygen to my brain I’ve been working hard to be part of the man I was. I wake up to pain, I go to sleep with pain. I am retired Army. I served so my kids won’t have to see/ witness what the rest of the world was truly like. I don’t know if I’ll be helped from all this but please help my fellow Veterans have a life. The war is over for us…yet we are dying fighting for some quality of life. Our government is ok with this it seems. Just looking to see if I’m the only one they are messing with or a way to fight back and get some kind of pain relief…without going back to war.