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I can conclude that veteran’s treatment in VA is not limited to VA. My experience compels me to state: “as a disabled veteran who has suffered multiple attrition of services including utilities without cause” IT IS WE THE PEOPLE WHO FAIL VETERANS! As the entirety of central Oregon, the State, my municipality, my community, and my neighbor’s are all aware I am a disabled veteran, and my water was shut off to MY home without cause and unwarranted. I have been without running water for 26 days and the VA has my phone number, address, and knows my service dog of 4 years. Yet, here I stand, bewildered, not at the cut service, but that no one is doing anything to help me. What does that say? To me it says “it is the will of the people” which allows this to take place! This speaks to an entirely different element in the VA crisis that plaques this nation and our veteran’s. It also affirms that if we the people don’t come together as ONE to fix the VA and our mistreated veterans, we will never fix the VA and the care of veterans who protect the principles of our oath in the Constitution, which protects us all.