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I have had nothing but problems and substandard care with the VA. I’m very frustrated. If I shared it all here, it would take all day.

However, the most recent event is regarding the choice program. I needed an eye appointment because of a vision problem that came on quickly. I was told by a Doctor that someone would call me to schedule that. I received a call the next week. The soonest available appointment was Oct. 12 — over a month away — and I was asked if I would like to go with the choice program I said yes, and I was told some one would call to schedule it and it would likely take a week to get that call. I didn’t get the call, so I called a number to check the status. I was asked numerous questions as to my availability best days etc. I was told the next call I received would be from the eye office with that appointment. The next week I received the same original call again — they needed all the information I had given already, but they said someone had not entered it in the computer. The next week I received that same call again, now three weeks into this…the woman on the phone guaranteed this time the system would work and the next call I got would be from the eye doctors office with an appointment. I have not received another call from Choice or the VA clinic. That October 12 date is very near. I checked, and that appointment is still on the calendar with the VA, so at this point it wouldn’t make sense to try to go back to choice, given how long you have to wait to get that first call. I suspect this is the out come they wanted in the first place. I will see a VA doctor on the 12th and they won’t have to send me outside the system.

Another time, I had an emergency out of my home state and when I called the VA number for emergency, after asking symptoms she told me to go directly to the closest emergency room. “Do not go to urgent care, they will have to send you to emergency for treatment.” A VA facility was not mentioned. I did go to the nearest emergency room, and now the VA refuses to pay the bill. It has been well over a year I have been fighting this battle.

I’m so disappointed in the VA system.