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I am a Retired Combat Army Veteran with 26 years served as a maintenance supervisor. Since the late 1990’s, I have always had my right elbow pop whenever I did push-ups for physical training. We never wore elbow pads for firing ranges in the 90s, and not until late 2005 for deployment when the first issue of combat was safety gear given. I have worked as a mechanic and have hit my elbow many times on equipment in the maintenance shop with no injuries. I have deployed to combat four times. Elbow continued to pop until August 2016, when I could not lift a gallon of milk and the pain went from my triceps to forearm. I was diagnosed as having elbow bursitis before I left the Army, and is a service-connected disability now. I tried to get an appointment to see my VA provider and was told that it would be 9 months before I could get in. I tried to make an appointment for a physical, which was scheduled for 3 months later. I used the secure message to get an appointment to look at my elbow. The reply was “overuse syndrome.” I was being diagnosed without even being looked at or knowing that it was a service-connected disability or the history. Ice and Motrin has not helped for over 10 years. Elbow is swollen and needs an X-ray/MRI. VA wants to do physical therapy without even looking at the elbow!