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I’m a Vietnam Era veteran and while I was in the Army for several years starting in 1969, I was not deployed to Vietnam. I did however break my back during jump school and subsequently badly injure my neck – injuries that have been re-aggravated several times while in service and have worsened considerably as bones get brittle and flexibility subsides with age. I have been blessed to have superb private medical care during my career but when I moved to Alabama I decided to use the VA Healthcare system. So I went to the clinic and met a primary care physician who actually looked at his watch and asked how much longer I was going to be describing my medical issues as he had other patients. This has NEVER happened to me in the private system…Most of the people I’ve met who work for the VA seem to really care but the system won’t allow them any flexibility. I will tell you that most veterans would due better under the Federal Employee Health Care system with VA picking up co-pays. So far, I haven’t seen an ROI on VA care.