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In September 2015, I went to a VA clinic, in Colorado, to get an appointment with a primary care physician (PCP). I already had my VHA ID number. But I did not have a VA PCP. I was told that my request was in the system and I would get a call, in four to six weeks, to set an appointment. In mid-November, I did get a call. The first appointment date available was Feb. 9, 2016, five months after my request. Ultimately, I was able to reschedule to Jan. 15. 2016. Nonetheless, it took four months, not less than 30 days, to get in to see a VA physician, for the first time.

I wanted to get hearing aids and new glasses. The hearing aids work fine, but the glasses took eight weeks to receive in the mail, had flimsy frames and no scratch resistant coating. Within two weeks, the glasses were pretty much unusable. I had to go to Costco to get a decent pair of scratch resistant coated glasses.

Overall, the quality of the care I’ve gotten through the VA has been very disheartening and dissatisfying. Some of the people there have been terrific. Some, not so much.