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From the time I was discharged in 1972, until the year 1991, I had recurring stomach issues that were basically blown off by the VA. I had an onset while I was on active duty, so it most certainly is in my Army medical treatment records. However, the VA, for that period of time, had only been giving me tranquilizers and mental health counseling and basically treating it as transition disorder instead of the physical disorder it was.

In 1991, my stomach condition, a blockage, nearly killed me. I had a life threatening surgery, yet I am not rated in disability claims, even though it was VA who did the surgery. I spent almost 2 months in VA Critical Care.

In the same duration of time, from 1972 all the way into 1996, I had recurring muscular issues and periodic tremors. This, too, was treated by tranquilizers and mental health counseling for transition disorder. For now, they are calling it Fibromyalgia Syndrome which is a full body muscular disease. But if anybody has seen me in person, the disease is up in my face and effects my speaking, and I walk with a crutch. Again, I am still not rated accurately by VA disability claims for muscular disease.

I continue to be confounded by the VA rushing to write up every single physical condition as a psych consult, and can only guess just how old I will have to be before the VA claims office can finally accurately get me rated for full disability.