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My VA doc was in Indiana several years ago. I was in the process of moving to Florida, and requested that my VA medical records be transferred to that VA Outpatient facility. I was told this would be taken care of. After my move, I went to a Florida facility to see when I could be able to see an MD for continued care, etc. I was told there were not any of my medical records there, therefore I would not be able to secure an MD for my care.This went on and on for 17 months. Towards the end of this time period, I finally was able to make telephone contact with a retired Army colonel at a Florida VA facility. I explained my situation and he said he would look into it. I FINALLY received a call from this colonel a week or so later and he told me that he had located my medical records in Georgia. In some VA employee’s “in-box” for apparently months and months!!! He advised I contact another Florida VA facility after a few days and things should THEN “be in order.” I called the another facility about a week later, and then was told I would be seeing my Florida VA facility within a week. Will it ever end?