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I am a retired veteran. I retired in 2003. I am 50% disabled. When I moved to Texas, I made an appointment with the local VA. I saw the doctor in November 2015. I asked to see a specialist about my arthritis. She said I had an appointment in July. In March the pain was getting unbearable, so I called to get an appointment sooner. The lady said the next available one was November. I said I already had one for July. She said that I did not. I said that I wanted to permission to see a local doctor because I had heard that I could, if I could not get an appointment within 30 days. The lady on the phone said that to get permission to see a local doctor, I had to see the VA doctor and get that info in my records first. So that meant I had to wait till November to get an appointment to see a local doctor. How twisted is that? I went to my local Congressmen to see if he would intervene and I still have not heard back from him. That has been two weeks now. Please someone help!