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I was medically retired after 18 months of processing through the VA office in my local VA. During my examination they found a new condition, as well as looking at my records as a whole. They did not consider my new condition and ignored previously diagnosed issues, like ulcers and a knee injury, not even recognizing these as service-related after over 30 years of service. A back injury including over 15 epidurals and surgery warranted 0% because I fought back and deployed again. “No problem,” they told me, “once you retire just file an adjustment and these conditions will be recorded.”

Since I both need and want to work, I took a job in the Middle East and tried filing on my trips home. Twice I did this, both times being told “once you receive your first appointment, you can reschedule.” Except each time I did this, I received a letter saying I had missed the appointment and my claim was denied! I went to a state veterans officer who was very helpful, but she basically told me the only way to complete your claim is to wait around for their arbitrarily scheduled appointment and show up, or they will continue to ignore and deny your claim. So far she has been right!
Such arbitrary behavior basically encourages veterans not to work, so we can be at the beck and call of some VA GS …shameful!