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Did an inpatient PTSD group at my local┬áVA. Ruptured my left Achilles tendon during recreation therapy (it’s supposed to get you back into exercising with fellow vets) and went to the emergency room, where I tested positive for a rupture via and “Simmonds test.” The emergency room physician told me his grip was strong and that’s why I tested positive. All the while for a month I complained and was limping around the facility.

Only after seeing the inpatient physician three times and threatening to go to her superior did I finally land an appointment with a podiatry specialist, a month later. Within 10 minutes I was diagnosed with a ruptured Achilles tendon by an intern.

I was sent for an ultra sound roughly a month later, which resulted in the conformation of a rupture.

Sent back to podiatry, where I was told nothing would be done, the muscles around my tendon would be strengthened by a local physical therapy outfit because I live an hour away from the closest VA facility, I had to get my psychiatrist involved to get even that.

I started going to my psychical therapy appointments and I started receiving bills. The VA refused to pay for the therapy sessions even though I was told they would be free for me.