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I am a disabled veteran with spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis. In June I was contacted by my primary care doctor that I had tested positive for cocaine…A drug I have never used. When I tried to tell her this, she yelled at me and called me a lair. She then promptly decreased my morphine and oxycodone in a “weaning” process. I was violently ill over six weeks. My neurologist tried to intervene on my behalf by retesting me. That test and all the ones prior were negative for cocaine. He tried to explain that and tell her I couldn’t go without pain meds. She refused to listen or even let him talk. She said if I admitted to using cocaine and agreed to drug and alcohol rehab, she might consider putting me back on my pain meds. I have been yelled at and called a liar on numerous occasions by this Doctor on previous visits. I decided to contact the patient advocate office and request help with getting a new primary Doctor. This was denied by the board. My issue is that she yells at me, calls me a liar and doesn’t listen to my concerns. Less then a week later I received two phone calls that I was over due for my primary care annual exam and that if I didn’t call and make an appointment with this Doctor that my VA benefits were at risk. WHAT? So I’m wrongly accused of cocaine use, deprived my pain meds, denied the right to change Doctors and now my benefits are at risk if I don’t make an appointment with this verbally abusive Doctor! This no way to treat any veteran!