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I had a heart attack in 1999. Because I was never informed that I was rated 30% scary until 2010, I appealed. I heard nothing. Finally, I was sent to a VA further away. At that exam, which was bogus, I was told nothing wrong with my heart. Twice I was having a heart attack, and the emergency room sent me home. On May 4th this year, as usually happens, my prescriptions didn’t arrive. I called, and was told if I wanted them, I would need to drive (I don’t drive), the 180 mile round trip and sign a contract to receive them. I was having chest pain and sweating profusely while trying to sign whatever it was. Then, the 2hrs wait for the prescription. An hour after I returned home, I was in an ambulance going to St. Vincent hospital. I underwent surgery immediately. I had stint put in my heart and had complications. The medications I was prescribed by Cardiologist, is under consult by VA. My appointment with the VA is today, I was going to try to get my Choice Card active, but my appointment was for a Dr. that doesn’t work for the VA. I can’t activate Choice Card myself. The VA has sabotaged my medical diagnosis, and made everything I have to do nearly, if not, impossible. That’s just today.