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10 years ago my VA psychologist told me I had PTSD from my Air Force service. I never asked to be evaluated for PTSD, but during one of my visits he started asking questions from a list and advised me I definitely had it. Under his guidance, he had me file for PTSD benefits. Big surprise, I was turned down almost immediately by VA. I appealed, and my case sat on someone’s desk for 7 years (I later found out from a very good source that my rater was one that had accomplished almost no work for nearly 10 years, then of course was promoted. He and his supervisor were later fired after the truth came out about both of them doing nothing forever while “working” for VA). I finally got a video hearing with the BVA, which lasted about 15 minutes, and ended up with my case being remanded back to Nashville again for more evidence. This time I was turned down again 2 years later and sent the usual junk paperwork on how VA couldn’t verify any of my “stressors.” I decided this time to see what I could find out on my own by not using any federal government information or websites in my search. Wonder of wonders, it took me all of 15 minutes to discover a ton of information about my case, honestly enough to prove the validity several times over. I faxed my paperwork back to VA advising them of this new info and how easily I found it, but of course I haven’t heard a word yet. I wonder how many years before my case is pencil-whipped and denied again?