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I filed for disability in February 2016 and for VA disability later this year. I believe my records are being falsely recorded to deny both claims. I have been denied disability based on the records from the VA. I now have to wait a year to a year and 6 months to go before a judge to plead my case….I have worked since I was 15 years old and paid into the SS system. I am at risk of losing my home and most of all my life. The treatment I am receiving is causing my health to deteriorate. My stress and anxiety levels are such that I am in a panic most of the time wondering if I can make it each day. The VA system has now flagged me as a “person to be careful of.” So now my records are being documented as to show me as a mental patient not as a cancer survivor who is not being treated properly. I am trying to find a non VA doctor to see me. I requested to see a doctor outside the VA and the VA refused my request.