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I am a Vietnam veteran with exposure to Agent Orange. My PSA began to rise. My VA could not see me for 2 plus months and does not offer state-of-the-art-treatment. I chose treatment through the Choice Act, and was diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer. The local VA patient advocate was of absolutely no help. Choice Act fought me ever step of the way, but after 24 phone calls and 20 hours plus of my time, I got the Choice Act to pay for my treatment.

The VA wants to bill me for co-pays; approximately 65 times at $50. Prostate cancer is considered to be a service-connected condition with Agent Orange exposure. When I called the VA billing office to complain about my co-pay bill, the representative said she had been doing her job a long time, and I owed co-pays. I replied that perhaps she has been doing it wrong, and I then sent her VA publications to support my position.