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My trouble with VA started in day one. The local VA service organization made many errors on my FDC. My local VA rejected my FDC. I sought help from Congressman Jeff Miller, who got my application back on track. In Oct 2016 I had my CP exam at a JACC. The doctor treated me like a criminal. She said, “You don’t have PTSD! You have Personality Disorder.” I served with honor as a highly decorated combat warrior. I was aide to the Army’s most senior 4 star general. I served multiple command tours. I was promoted ahead of my contemporaries. My psychiatrist has written a detailed diagnosis of PTSD that my attorney is using to file a NOD and an appeal. I can see why the 76 year old committed suicide recently at a VA facility.

Despite VA guidance to give vets the benefit of the doubt, the VA Doctor treated me like a criminal. I had a 30 minute assessment. Now it is a year to three years of wait for an appeal. VA is truly truly in a “deny deny die” mode for us elderly Vietnam vets!!!