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I’ve had problems with my neck and I told my primary physician. He made a consult to the Neurology doctor and ordered a MRI. After the MRI was done in at my VA, the neurology doctor did a paper consult saying that the displaced discs in my neck would resolve themselves and that I had no neurological deficit. He said to place me on the spinal protocol which includes going to the local CBOC (Community Based Outpatient Clinic) and attending pain management class through telecasts for 6 weeks. I followed this and did as I was told, but got no relief. I complained again and they sent me pain medications. In the end, I saw a spinal surgeon and gave him the MRI disc and he said I should have had surgery a long time ago. In July, I had the discs replaced by the local surgeon and now I am able to function again, drive and type this message, which before would have caused me great pain. And I never saw nor was I ever examined by anyone at my local VA.