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My husband is a combat Vietnam Vet that is now 100% disabled, service related. Here is our story. John and I have been married for more than 40 years — married a year after he back from Vietnam. He was there between 1970 to 71 (out in the boonies, in the dirt). His 1st marine Division left together in May of 1971. He has PTSD, and Agent Orange related conditions. The VA misdiagnosed my husband’s sleep apnea¬†(we have just now figured this out). When John got laid off in 2006, he was tested for sleep apnea by a non-VA doctor while he had his regular insurance, but couldn’t do follow-up because he lost the insurance. Then¬†John started going to the VA. They tested him with different conclusions, and reluctantly gave him a mask but no humidifier — so he didn’t wear it long and they told him he a really mild case. That was false and contradicted the other test he had in 2006. We cannot trust the VA diagnosis now. John was just retested by the same non-VA sleep specialist and they tell him he is very severe now.