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Almost 2 years ago I got involved with a diabetic drug study and part of the initial exam was an EKG. After looking at it, the nurse coordinating the study asked when I had my heart attack. News to me! So I went to my VA PCP and asked about it, and was told I hadn’t had one. Fast forward to mid-spring this year, and I started feeling light headed and went back to the VA (granted it was a different doc as we are primarily seen by residents). This one ran an EKG and ran off to get an attending Doc. The attending Doc scheduled a stress test for me at BAMC and told me to come back in a month. At the next appointment I was told that the computer on the EKG said I had a possible enlarged ventricle, but that couldn’t find any other evidence of anything being wrong. Then in early July I was called for the appointment at BAMC. During the stress test the doctor in charge commented to her students that my heart was throwing PCBs indicative of a previous heart attack. I asked her to explain and she told me she would later. It never happened. At the end of the test I was told to have an appointment with my PCP within 2 weeks. First they couldn’t schedule my appointment because they didn’t have the new residents’ schedule yet. Then they didn’t know who my PCP was going to be. Finally at the end of August I could make an appointment, but not until mid or later October. So I took the next open appointment available, in late September. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper! If I had a heart attack why haven’t I been treated? In either case, why have I been subjected to this unnecessary stress? And why in the world should I ever trust anyone in this department ever again?