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To get service was the hardest part in the start for care. My VA said I did not qualify for care. I went down there with my 100% rating papers to show them I qualify. Their answer was that the system hasn’t been updated (???) — I said this has been my rating for two years. They copied papers and gave me an appointment. Since then all has been fine. I have used the VA for eye exam, hearing exam, scripts and vaccinations. I have always been treated with respect and prompt care when needed. I also have private insurance where I share my primary care doctors reports and test to make sure both the VA and private doctors know what each is doing. I have had plenty of conversations with other vets while there and 99% have positive stories about their care. My VA is known for treatment of heart and other serious conditions with doctors from the University of Michigan. The staff has been outstanding and treatment of non serious conditions prompt. I have not used the doctors for my heart condition as I have private insurance and full confidence in my private doctors. Sharing info from private and VA doctors is important in team-building when using both systems.