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My 70% disabled Army Veteran son lives with me. He is 36 years old. His disabilities occurred during “peace” time and was during training on heavy equipment that failed and his total left side of his body is a mess, from his shoulder and neck, to his hip, knee, ankle. Now, because of “favoring” the left side, his right side is starting to go. I recently accompanied him to the┬áVA Urgent Care because his right knee “went out” and he couldn’t get in to see his primary or even the orthopedic dept. Urgent care was great, he got in and had x-rays right away. This time, the pharmacy was even great (usually the pharmacist on duty is very rude)…then we went to make his one-week return appointment with his primary. The clinic was dark, no lights, no receptionist, nobody. We wandered around for awhile until finally someone came out from the back and asked if they could help. They sent us to another clinic to make the appointment, as his primary was on vacation and apparently everyone else in the “white clinic” was also gone (now mind you, this was this past July, middle of the week, middle of the day). When he got up to the receptionists desk and handed her his appointment chit, she just looked up at him and said “No.” Then she said, “If you don’t like that answer go talk to the patient advocate.” So we did. He just looked at us. No words. Then a security guard showed up! To escort us out, I guess. Now, to try and make a long story short, his one-week return appointment has yet to be made (that was July and this is the end of September). I find this all very disturbing and plan on contacting my Congressman, Peter deFazio, regarding this low level of care.