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I’m in a living nightmare. First off, I have been fighting for over twenty years to get a rating for the spinal cord injury and COPD from asbestosis.┬áIn February of 2016, I was diagnosed with a tumor in the lining of my brain. While waiting for supposed STAT orders to get done by an outside specialist (because the VA doesn’t have brain surgeons) I was looking at the cd of my MRI and I found a second tumor in my pituitary gland. During my visit with Duke University Cancer Center they indeed confirm the second tumor. Duke wants a few more tests done so they refer me back to the VA to get said tests done. It took three months to see the endocrinologist, but she confirmed that yes, the tumor in my pituitary gland is causing Cushings Disease and that tumor needs to come out. That was May, and it is now mid-September and I still haven’t had either tumor removed. To make matters worse, the tumors have doubled in size and the VA in its infinite wisdom has also decided to cut me off from my pain medication that I was receiving for my messed up back that had been operated on three times. Between the symptoms from the tumors in my head and the constant nerve pain shooting down both legs from my spinal cord injury, I am in constant agony! I feel my life slipping away from me, and I am a single paren. I fear that I won’t be there for my daughter at the rate things are going. I watched my father die a horrible death because of the VA and cancer and now it is happening to me.